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Variable Data Services

Assistance Plus has the capability to automate the direct mail process so that each direct mail piece can look as if it’s been expressly designed and printed for a single person. The personalization maximizes the relevance of your direct mail piece. You can mix and match messaging to make your direct mail more personal and applicable to each recipient. When you want to speak “directly” to your customer, even if it’s just making creative use of their first name has been proven to be the most effective marketing tool available, even in the internet age. It can be as simple as a mail merge letter with the recipient’s name or we can include different levels of offers that are personally relevant to the recipients whether you want to include donation amounts based on past giving history, QR codes that can be scanned with a mobile device, dollar amounts or prior buying history in the body of your offer.

All variable data printing begins with a basic design that defines static elements and variable fields to be printed. Text and images can be altered for each individual address. While the static elements appear exactly the same on each piece, the variable fields are filled in with text as dictated by the information contained in your database.

Assistance Plus can link your data to a print file, creating highly relevant, one-to-one direct mail pieces. Linking your mail list to your print file, allows us to print individual text fields and paragraphs to be uniquely relevant to each individual recipient. By uniquely personalizing and customizing your marketing literature, you can target individuals and businesses based on desired criteria more effectively leveraging the value of your advertising and marketing dollars. Using variable information printing allows you to reach your customers, prospects, and other audiences through materials that convey a truly individualized mail piece. Highly targeted, relevant direct mail pieces have been proven to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

The effectiveness in direct mail lies in the ability to grab the attention of the reader and tailor the information to relate personally to each individual consumer. Variable data can dramatically increase your response rates.

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