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About Assistance Plus

Assistance Plus has been providing mailing services for over 25 years. Our services have evolved since we started providing mailing services in 1994 to deliver the types of services that our clients have asked for. Over the years we have worked with large and small businesses providing all aspects of their direct mail needs. We have worked hard to achieve working relationships with all our clients that help them achieve a continued return using direct mail. We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations in everything we do. We understand the postal regulations and work with our customers to provide the valuable information needed to navigate the many requirements setup by the post office to receive the largest postal discounts. We have worked to develop relationships with our customers to insure 100% satisfaction. We set the highest standards for ourselves and this shows in the customer service that is provided by each and every employee.

We are more than a mail house. We are a team that is committed to working with our clients to ensure that their mailing needs are taken care of expeditiously with a cost savings that in most cases offset the cost for our services.

We enable you to delegate your direct mail needs to us knowing that the job will be completed to your specifications so that you can focus on the other projects that need your attention.

Let us join your team.

Denise Whitteaker

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