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Fulfillment Services

At Assistance Plus, our fulfillment team works with you to create a plan that delivers any type of product to any location in the United States.

Delivering product samples through direct mail is often thought of as a very expensive way to market products when compared to online or commercial television ads. In reality, it is often less expensive and more cost-effective.

Direct Mail allows customers to open and examine a product on their own schedule. They are not locked into the 15 second commercial on TV that they most likely aren’t paying close attention to anyway.  You benefit by having the customer examine your product on their own schedule and at their own pace.

Direct mail samples are effective creating increased brand awareness. Some samples of our fulfillment services are as follows:

  • Hand assembly of specialty products
  • Assemble products and brochures to insert into boxes, tubes or special cartons
  • Customized assembly and fulfillment services
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