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Database Management

Assistance Plus can work with your maling list or can manage the list for you. Our goal is to help you create and maintain an accurate list to maximize your marketing efforts. Better data creates efficiency with mailings, provides better returns on your investment and increases response.

Assistance Plus can merge multiple address lists, eliminate duplications from your lists, update changes, and select name subsets for a specific mailing campaigns or projects.  These processes will save you money so that you are not incurring postage and printing costs by mailing duplicate mail pieces and improve the deliverability of your mail pieces.

Database Management Services Provided

  • Mailing List Acquisition
    • Local
    • National
  • Data Entry
  • Data Standardization
  • List Maintenance
  • National Change of Address Verification to Improve Deliverability
  • Certification of Your Mailing List to Meet Postal Regulations
  • Eliminate Duplicate Addresses from Your Mailing List
  • Maintenance of Your Existing Database
  • Manual Input of Your Mailing List
  • Matching Options such as:
    • one per person
    • one per family (address and last name)
    • one per address
    • …and more options
  • Elimination of Undeliverable Addresses
  • Verification Updating
  • Mailing List Hygiene
  • Sort your mailing list to include your preselected parameters
  • Protect confidentiality for those clients that require specific protocols for those in the:
    • healthcare
    • insurance
    • finance
    • …and other regulated industries
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